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Source: Zhejiang Youda industry Co., Ltd.Publication time:2019-08-13

In the decoration process, the equipment security door has become the choice of many households, especially in the urban life, living in the community, the security door of the equipment can be assured. So how do you check it after the security door device?

Anti-theft door inspection security door thickness

Regarding the quality and structure of the security door, the relevant departments of the state have made detailed rules, so when checking the security door, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the security door complies with the national rules. For example, the current national standard for security doors: the thickness of the steel plate required for the steel door frame should not be less than 2 mm. However, the thickness of the facade steel plate of many so-called anti-theft security doors is below 0.8mm, which makes it difficult to prevent theft. "Safety" is even more unsatisfactory.

Damage test for security door inspection

Regarding the damage test of the security door, the state has detailed rules: break a 615 square centimeter hole in the security door for no less than 15 minutes. Generally, the security door with a thickness of the facade steel plate larger than 1mm can accept such damage experiments. If it is not acceptable, it will not be in compliance with national standards and it will be unsafe.

Regarding the inspection of the security door, we also need to pay attention to the damage time that the security door can accept. National mandatory standard "Anti-theft security door general skill conditions" rules: anti-theft security door is a door that can resist abnormal opening under certain conditions within a certain period of time, with special locks and anti-theft devices. The security level of the anti-theft security door is divided into three levels A, B, and C according to the rule of the damaged things, and the weak links can be reversed against the abnormal working time of the net working time. That is to say, the security door with low quality level is also damaged to at least C level, that is, 15 minutes.

Security inspection of security door inspection

Regarding most people, regarding the material or anti-theft function of the security door, it is not possible to draw conclusions from the surface. Then Xiaobian gives you a trick: when inspecting the security door, you must see if there is any security on the delivered door. Door symbol—FAM. Anti-theft security level symbol orientation, the relevant rules have a uniform requirement: that is, in the upper corner of the inner hinge, at a significant orientation of about 160cm above the ground. At the same time, according to the new national standard, the lock of the anti-theft door should be able to break the lock cylinder and break the lock body connecting member during the anti-damage time, thereby disassembling the lock or extending the pick-up and the lock tongue through the upper and lower gaps. It is also impossible to open the door leaf.