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Door, window and curtain wall industry needs transformation | development towards globalization and intelligence

Source: Zhejiang Youda industry Co., Ltd.Publication time:2019-03-11

In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy, the trend of globalization is obvious. Chinese enterprises have come to the crossroads where opportunities and challenges coexist, and the character of unyielding has made Chinese manufacturing enterprises transform and upgrade into China's "intellectual creation." Only a few Chinese companies have begun to pay attention to quality, innovation, technology, and intelligence. The company's soft power has been continuously improved. The products have been exported to different countries in the invisible, and have been accepted into different parts of the world.

Door and window curtain wall construction case

Yao Bing, president of the China Building Metal Structure Association, said that when the state demands to change the economic development mode, the door and window curtain wall industry should also change the industry development mode, and put forward three major development priorities, one is quality, the second is technological innovation, and the third is solar energy. The application of the building.
Eliminate the phenomenon that the door and window industry has low barriers to entry
Although compared with the foreign door and window curtain wall industry, domestic companies have many advantages and achievements in terms of materials, processing, and energy saving. However, the overall technical level of the industry is still not high. Only a few companies attach great importance to the construction of research and development institutions. At present, there are many domestic door and window curtain wall materials enterprises, ranging from state-owned enterprises to workshop-style enterprises. The financial strength of enterprises is very different, and the technical level of technicians is uneven. As a result, the door and window curtain wall market is mixed, and the product quality is also uneven.

In order to eliminate the phenomenon that the door and window industry has a low barrier to entry, in the next few years, with the demand for energy-saving windows and doors, the entire industry must develop toward globalization and intelligence. In the production process, it will pay more attention to environmental protection; in terms of materials, it must break through the design of the structure and performance of the original materials; in the design process, pay attention to the law of material structure and performance evolution. It is necessary to speed up the adjustment structure of the material industry and improve the efficiency of reducing consumption and reducing emissions. It is necessary to strengthen the research and development of new materials and functional materials. Accelerate the development of new energy-saving materials, change the traditional development ideas, pay attention to the renewable recycling of materials, and form energy-saving emission reductions during the use of materials, and become a material power country from a large material country as soon as possible. The Association encourages joint development of large enterprises and cross-sector cooperation to enhance the overall level.

Door and window curtain wall construction case

Completing the 6 major transformations of the industry. How to make the door, window and curtain wall industry complete the transformation and upgrading of the industry, the enterprise needs to complete six changes:
Technology pioneer
Door and window curtain wall enterprises should vigorously improve the level of technology research and development, and vigorously develop independent technology.
Due to the non-standardization of the entire door and window industry, the market competition continues to vicious cycle, and overcapacity has begun to appear. The regenerative power of raw materials for door and window products, especially wooden doors, is limited. Door and window enterprises should use a lot of new materials instead.
Environmentally friendly
While developing doors and windows, we must also pay attention to the impact on the environment in a timely manner and assume the social responsibilities that enterprises should assume.
Energy saving and emission reduction
With the vigorous introduction of national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, high energy consumption enterprises will face a great survival test. Door and window curtain wall enterprises should also adapt to the current situation and use new technologies and materials to achieve national energy conservation and emission reduction targets.
Quality and efficiency
The most important thing about whether door and window products can be welcomed by consumers is the quality of products. The quality of products is the basis for the development of doors and windows.
Organizational learning
The current door and window industry new products and new technologies are relatively fast-changing, door and window enterprises should learn to communicate at any time so as not to be eliminated in such a fierce competitive environment.