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Door and window maintenance

Source: Zhejiang Youda industry Co., Ltd.Publication time:2019-03-11

First, the daily use should pay attention to matters

When the door and window are installed, the protective film on the surface of the profile should be removed in time.

Plastic doors and windows and aluminum alloy, wooden aluminum doors and windows are provided with drainage system in the window frame, window sash and other parts to ensure the airtight performance of the doors and windows. During the use, you should not block the drain hole of the door and window, so as to avoid the drainage performance of the door and window, and the infiltration of rain and rain in the rain and snow, which will bring inconvenience to your daily life:

Do not hit the surface of the door and window with a sharp object to prevent scratches and other damage on the surface.

Do not hang items on the sash to prevent damage to the sash

Do not allow non-professionals to disassemble and modify windows and doors to avoid damage to doors and windows.

When the screen window is not used in winter, the user can remove it and store it according to the need. The yarn fan should be stored one meter away from the heat source in the room. The house or the vertical room can not be used for the accumulation of hard objects to avoid deformation.

Push-pull window should be in the middle or lower position of the sash in the push-pull type. Do not use too much force when pushing and pulling, so as not to reduce the service life of the sash, and close the sash in time on a windy day.

Second, the cleaning of doors and windows

1. Surface cleaning work, including cleaning the surface of the inner and outer frames and glass.

Doors and windows in daily use, the inner and outer surfaces, such as oil stains, can be scrubbed with neutral water-soluble washing, but the surface of the window frame is not easy to contact and rub against high hardness, coarse particles, etc., especially when there are dirt on the surface of doors and windows. Do not use sandpaper sanding or sharp blade scraping to avoid damaging the decorative surface of doors and windows. It is strictly forbidden to use a chemical liquid such as acetone which is corrosive or solvent-based.

For the cleaning of the inner frame, clean water should be used to wipe the inner frame after the soft cloth is slightly damp.

For the cleaning of the glass, it should be practical to use glass water, or water to neutralize the neutral detergent. After the soft cloth is wet, wipe the glass and wipe the edges of the water clean.

Plastic window cleaning can also be used to clean plastic windows.

Cleaning of the screen door screen surface: The screen screen is moved to a place where it can be flushed, and it is directly flushed on the surface of the gauze. At the same time, it can be wiped with a soft cloth and wiped on the yarn surface or the yarn frame. No hard object can be touched directly and the screen window can be used. So as not to break the gauze.

2. Every three months, the groove of the joint of the door and window frame and the push-pull type and the folding type slide rail should be cleaned to prevent the sediment (mainly dust, earth, sand, etc.) from adversely affecting the use of the hardware. Soft brush cleaning or vacuum cleaner suction method

3, the maintenance of the hardware transmission mechanism.

Wipe the outer surface of the hardware drive with a dry rag during daily cleaning.

Lubricate the rotation, sliding parts and lock points of the hardware transmission mechanism every six months. Sewing machine oil or salad oil can be used as the lubricant. In the hardware transmission mechanism shaft, slide rails and locks and other hardware parts are marked with oil to drip the lubricant, and then repeatedly open and close three or five times to ensure thorough lubrication, and finally wipe the excess grease with a dry rag . Regular lubrication ensures flexible and light movement of the hardware transmission mechanism and also prolongs its service life.

It can also be lubricated by applying a pencil powder to the sliding part of the hardware.