Chinese gate tailor


360° degree fine aeronautical grade coating

The application of aero grade sand spraying technology is used to cover the coating system of 360 degree environmental electrophoretic coating. In the whole closed production line, the instability characteristics of the traditional lacquer surface are thoroughly solved, and the forest is barbarous in the lacquer surface, and the fresh color is integrated into every detail of the gate, and the creativity of green science and technology is exerting.

A craftsman makes a study of a skill and a final art

Cut from sheet metal to detail, from the overall outline to every pattern. "Exquisite", like DNA, is integrated into every detail of the gate.

In finding a balance between sharp edges and smooth hands,

Redefining the gate of art with the same standard of luxury

Deduce the hard school aesthetics that belongs to the red gate.

Annotate the value of innovation with excellent quality

Let the product speak, and build a brand name with strength

Continue to persist in the spirit of innovation and push the craftsman to the top again.

Boldly break through the boundaries of China's wisdom and seek balance between technology and tradition.

Insist on exploring the different possibilities of high-end doors, creating amazing wisdom and excellence.

Boldly breaking through the industry's intellectual building border

Integrating space technology, mobile technology and security technology into products

Door lock intelligent comprehensive upgrade, embrace the era of Internet of things in advance

Lead Smart Life in the future and insist on exploring more possibilities for high-end doors.

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